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Countertop Dimensions & Drawings

(Unless it is a New Build and you already have Cabinet Shop Drawings, skip to step #3)
​Measure Length & Width of your Countertops (i.e, Kitchen, Vanities, etc)
​Draw a Sketch of your Countertops on grid paper and save it electronically
If, new build, save Cabinet Shop Drawing electronically
Determine estimated square footage of countertops from your drawings.


Select Materials from Marino Tile's Quartz/Stone Option Menu

Choose the type of material and group number for each location where you would like the material 
(i.e. Kitchen, - Quartz Group #3, Vanity #1 - Granite Group #2, etc.)


Fill out our free Estimate Form

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Estimate Review

A MTM Sales Representative will contact you within 24 hours of receipt of your Online Estimate Form (unless it is the weekend then contact will be the next business day). The MTM Sales Representative will go over the estimate, make any necessary changes to the estimate after your conversation, schedule your laser measurement and process your 50% deposit.


In Home Template

MTM's template team will come to your home at your pre-scheduled appointment time and perform a laser measurement. This will provide us with a digital template of your existing countertops or new cabinetry without disturbing your home in advance of installation.



Once your measurement is completed we will call you to set up an installation appointment for your new countertops. Our expert installers will arrive with your new countertops on your scheduled date and will clean and haul away all project debris after the installation. Finally, we will perform a final inspection to ensure our work meets your satisfaction.

At Marino Tile & Marble Inc we’re in control of every single process, every step of the way. Our company is first in class when it comes to guidance, motivation and care. Contact us with any questions.


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